BALENZIA X GAME OF THRONES The Night King & Viserion, the ice dragon Crew Length Socks for Men (Free Size) (Pack of 2 Pairs/1U)Black

  • MRP: ₹ 449.00
  • MRP: ₹ 449.00
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THE GAME OF THRONES FANS are in for a Treat!!
Balenzia has released a new collection-Balenzia x Game of Thrones and has assembled an array of fan-favorite merchandise.

100% officially licensed sock of the ultimate villain of The Game of Thrones-The Night’s King

Night's King, a legendary figure known both in the Seven Kingdoms and among the Free Folk dwelling Beyond the Wall. With these cool socks on, turn yourself into a fearless warrior with superhuman strength, always ready to do the unexpected, backed by a futuristic approach just like the Night King.

Our executive weaving technology and high-performance fibres ensures that each sock provides incredible comfort, breathability, and durability.

The usage of Combed Cotton prevents fray, unravelling, or tear of the sock, and offers a more durable, smoother, softer, and comfortable sock fit

The blend of Cotton and Spandex offers an excellent foot grip, ultra-breathability, moisture absorption, stretchability, and odour resisting characteristics, safeguarding your shoes and feet altogether.

Pack Content: Pack of 2 Pairs. Material Composition: Cotton 78%, Nylon 20%, Elasthane 2%