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Balenzia Men's Anti Slip Loafer Socks - Special Edition Poker Socks - 1 Pair

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Product Details

Loafer socks for Men for Diwali : King of Heart and King of Spade.

Diwali Poker parties are an inseparable part of the festival. Inspired by the grandeur of the festivities, Balenzia launches a new range of Poker socks.These remarkable fashion accessories are sure to get noticed and grab the attention of the fashion conscious. So why not look your best with these uber cool poker socks. Additionally, these can be a perfect gift for all your poker lover friends for a dash of luck and an expressive style.

Made with soft & ultra-breathable Combed Cotton.

Anti-slip silicone for a secure grip to keep socks in place.

Size : UK 7 to UK 10

Material And Care Instructions