• MRP: ₹ 899.00
  • MRP: ₹ 899.00
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"Eh, what's up, Doc?" Relive the magic of Saturday morning cartoons with our WB Baseball Cap featuring the ever-iconic Bugs Bunny. It's where classic animation meets modern-day style, making for a head-turning accessory that's both fun and sophisticated.
Sporting a sleek black hue, this cap is adorned with a distinct 3D embroidered WB logo, highlighting its premium origin. But the true gem is the expertly rendered Bugs Bunny embroidery.
The cap's design doesn't just cater to the eyes but also ensures an impeccable fit for the wearer. The two-row plastic snapback adjuster offers customizable comfort, allowing you to achieve that 'just right' fit. No more constant adjustments; wear it and forget it, while still looking fabulous.
Keeping comfort in the forefront, the interior twill sweatband ensures your brow remains dry, even in the midday sun. As for its material? A blend of imported polyester with the adaptability of drift fabric ensures both durability and softness, making it perfect for daily wear.
In the WB Baseball Cap, fashion, nostalgia, and functionality come together seamlessly. It's an accessory that speaks to your sense of style and your love for the classics. So, put on your cap, munch on a carrot, and let the world know - "This means war!" in the most stylish way possible.

Product Color: Navy, 3D embroidered "WB Bugs Bunny'" on the front side in White

Two-row plastic snapback adjuster. Twill sweatband

Material & Care: Imported polyester and drift fabric. Machine wash.

Product Category: Headwear, Outdoor, and sports.