Powerpuff Girls By Balenzia Loafer Socks Gift Pack For Women (Pack Of 3 Pairs/1U)(Free size4)(Pink,Green,Blue)

  • MRP: ₹ 499.00
  • MRP: ₹ 499.00
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Balenzia, the leading brand of socks in India has launched a quirky collection of Powerpuff Girls socks. This funky collection is made with finest cotton yarns and highest quality standards ensuring that each sock provides incredible comfort, breathability and durability.

The socks pack is inspired by iconic characters-“ Powerpuff Girls" .It is the story of three kindergarten-aged girls with superpowers- Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. This funky Collection of socks will revive your childhood memories. 

The trendy loafer socks are crafted with exquisite weaving technology and high-performance fibres. Officially licensed product.

The blend of Cotton and Spandex offers an excellent foot grip, ultra-breathability, moisture absorption, stretchability, and odour resisting characteristics, safeguarding your shoes and feet altogether.

These extremely comfortable loafer socks are stylish adding delight to your feet.

Fabric Composition: Combed Cotton & Spandex

Color: Pink,Green,Blue

Size: UK 4 to UK 7