Balenzia Women's Anti Bacterial Yoga Socks with Anti Skid- (Pack of 2 Pairs/1U)- Black

  • MRP: ₹ 499.00
  • MRP: ₹ 499.00
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Balenzia brings in Women's Yoga Socks.We step into yoga practice to create mental, emotional, and physical balance through the movements. Balenzia yoga socks will help you stay put on your sticky mat, glide through transitions and settle deeper into your practice.

These yoga socks helps in improving balance and stability through its anti skid technique.

With the ballet slipper straps on the top, they don't slide around on your feet, they're soft , breathable, comfy and hold up through a workout.

The non skid grips on the bottom are distributed evenly from  heel to toe, they prevent you from skidding.

Machine wash in warm water - tumble dry.

Fabric Composition: 65% Bamboo and 35% spandex.

Size: UK4-UK7