BALENZIA X GAME OF THRONES HOUSE TARGARYEN & HOUSE OF STARK Loafer/invisible socks for Men (Free Size)(Pack of 2 Pairs/1U) Grey & Maroon

  • MRP: ₹ 449.00
  • MRP: ₹ 449.00
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THE GAME OF THRONES FANS are in for a Treat!!
Balenzia has released a new collection-Balenzia x Game of Thrones and has assembled an array of fan-favorite merchandise.

100% officially licensed sock from the House Targaryen & House Of Stark..

Aegon the Conqueror took over Westeros around three hundred years ago and created the Iron Throne, and that was the start of the Targaryen dynasty ruling over Westeros from the Crownlands.
With these cool socks on, feel the rush to do things with a bit of madness and yet a lot of greatness just like the Targaryens, overcoming the heat that comes as roadblocks.

Stoic, brave, and steadfast, the House of Stark ruled the North for generations serving as king in the north from the halls of their ancestral home, Winterfell.
Wear these crew socks as a reminder to brace yourself and your pack for the impending challenges that loom in the air, and to be well prepared ahead of time just like the Starks. After all, when the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

The usage of Combed Cotton prevents fray, unravelling, or tear of the sock, and offers a more durable, smoother, softer, and comfortable sock fit

The blend of Cotton and nylon offers an excellent foot grip, ultra-breathability, moisture absorption, stretchability, and odour resisting characteristics, safeguarding your shoes and feet altogether.

Pack Content: Pack of 2 Pairs. Material Composition: Cotton 78%, Nylon 20%, Elasthane 2%


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Jagmini Micro Knit Pvt Ltd
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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208022

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Jagran Micro motors Ltd
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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208022